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The second annual Viking Camp "Vikingadagar" / "Viikinkipäivät" was arranged on July 6th - July 9th 2006, and this year we had a massive 50 Vikings living in the Viking village, presenting themselves and different kinds of Viking age crafts. There was also a marketplace for handicrafters and other locals who wanted to participate. Activities like Viking ship rowing and baking bread were very popular.

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During spring 2006, there will be a program released in Finnish television about two Italians, Fabio & Fabrizio ( also the name of the program ), who visit several tourist attractions in Finland and interact with Finnish people and learn first-hand about Finnish customs and history. These pictures were taken by producer Olga Koskikallio during the shoot at the Viking Centre on July 20th 2005. After Rosala, the filming continued at the Bengtskär lighthouse.

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On August 11th 2004, Rosala Viking Centre hosted a music video filming session. Release date for the single "leaving you for me" ( Tarja Turunen from the Finnish band Nightwish and Martin Kesici, Germany ) will be January 31st 2005. The single will include the video. There are some more pictures from the shoot on Tarja Turunen's webpage. A clip from the video can be seen here ( Media player or Real player required ).

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On June 5th, the Finnish band Korpiklaani had a photo shoot at the Viking Centre. More information about the band on their website.

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A 16,5 meter-long Viking ship is Rosala Viking Centre's newest reconstruction. Paul and Per Wilson accompanied by Holger Nordqvist and Thomas Wilson on M/S Ocean sailed her home from Saaremaa in Estonia on May 26th 2004. She got her name, Alvilda, by the hands of singer Sonja Lumme a few weeks later. At the same event we arranged a rowing show across the Rosala village bay.

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At the Meri kutsuu - exhibit in Turku, March 2004

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The excellent new sauna for 15 persons is ready for our over-night guests, the first group to use it visited us on September 18th 2003.

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Endurance Quest 2003 visited Rosala Viking Centre on July 24th 2003. The mission for the teams was Viking axe-throwing.

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At the Meri kutsuu - exhibit in Turku 14-16.3.2003.

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